Plastic Gear System Engineering

Your product development starts with the right engineering. Our best customers involve us early on, because by working together, we can develop a better product.

Complete Solutions

It's more than just the individual components that make a system work right. It's how the components interact with each other that matters. In order to have a reliable and cost-effective gearbox, the design should be approached from the vantage point of the system as a whole.

We engineer complete solutions gears, gearboxes and complete electro-mechnincal actuators. We have the experience, technical competency and equipment to evaluate the design, manufacturability and performance expectations of the system.

Engineering Design & Analysis Software

We can furnish solid geometry of our design proposals for quick integration into your CAD system.

With 20 years expertise in complex solid geometry and engineering analysis, we can also design beyond the component, for high-end modeling, assembling, surfacing and kinematics.

Results Delivered

At the end of the day, product performance and delivery matters. We have the equipment and the know-how to define what you have and what you need.

Please contact one of our engineers to see if we can help you with your next project.