Plastic Gear System Inspection

Manufacturing gears without gear-specific inspection equipment and knowledge is like a carpenter without a tape measure.

It's simple; without the equipment, there is no way to define or quantify what has been produced. Inspection is the only means of assuring proper accuracy, consistency and quality of the involute geometry.

Many factors impact the overall performance of a gearing system, but inaccuracies in gear geometry cause many problems, from undesirable noise to tooth fracture.

Double Flank Composite Gear Checking

This "functional" in-process inspection provides a general overview of a gear's accuracy. We evaluate total composite error, tooth-to-tooth error and test pitch radius, to determine the quality and accuracy of gear geometry.

Analytical Gear Checking

This "elemental" inspection provides data with regard to individual elements of the gear: run out, lead variation, tooth-spacing and profile error. Often used for troubleshooting, we use this method to quickly pinpoint a source of error.

Evaluation Credentials & Capabilities

  • ISO 9001-2008 certified
  • Member of AGMA since 1999
  • Extensive expertise with PPAP submissions
  • In-process Statistical Process Control
  • Electronic data retrieval at your fingertips
  • 20 years' expertise to properly analyze your results
  • Complete traceability from raw material to the customer's doorstep

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