How We Work

Our 99.9% on-time delivery record is a result of our approach to your quality:

  • We use the latest 3-D design software, as well as our own proprietary gear-design algorithms and software.
  • We design and specify all aspects of the tools to produce your gears. We don’t just send prints to a mold maker.
  • We meticulously setup the processes before production begins.
  • We control every lot to ensure the parts meet your specifications.
  • We have Safety Stock Programs to accommodate fluctuating product requirements.
  • We work hard to find the most economical tooling and part cost combinations.

And finally, although it sounds cliché, we are real people who care. When you call, we answer the phone. When you have a problem, we respond.

We provide the critical gear "Know-How" to make your product a success. Contact us today to get your project started!