Performance Gear Systems
gear design and manufacturing
gear design and manufacturing
gear design and manufacturing
plastic gear design and manufacturing

A successful product starts with intelligent, precise and comprehensive engineering. We begin work with our clients as early as possible in the concept and design phase, to bring our full experience and capabilities to bear on the project. This collaboration yields our clients the best solution at the best price. Our gears are designed for reliability, manufacturability and economy, creating a system that will perform in sustained, real-world applications. We look beyond the individual component, designing for the system as a whole, to engineer the most creative, precise, and reliable solutions, from gears to electro-mechanical actuators.

Our engineering process includes:

  • Design and analysis via PGS proprietary software in conjunction with Solid Modeling to provide optimization of involute gear geometry for:
    • torque
    • output speed
    • current draw
    • battery life
    • load carrying capacity
    • noise reduction
    • maximum efficiency
  • Component Design Analysis including:
    • Finite Element Analysis
    • Mold Flow: fill, pack, cool, warpage, fiber orientation analysis
  • Software capabilities include:
    • Gear design analysis, etc.