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gear design and manufacturing
gear design and manufacturing
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Inaccuracies in gear geometry can cause many problems, from undesirable noise to tooth fracture. The PGS Gear Metrology Lab fully reviews and qualifies our entire production process from tooling, to cavity inspection, to final product validation.

Not widely available in the molding industry, our precision gear inspection equipment validates tooling and production parts, and measures and analyzes all gear geometry. This ensures optimal accuracy, consistency and quality for our clients.

Quality Assurance is not an afterthought at PGS. It is the means by which we measure the success of our exacting standards.  We provide our clients with complete visibility to inspection data, and stand behind each job we do. We apply APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) procedures, the industry standard for ensuring consistent quality and client satisfaction.

Inspection protocols include:

  • First article inspection reports
  • PPAP
  • Capability studies
  • Statistical process control
  • In-process control plans

Gear Inspection Equipment:

  • Automated Vision Inspection
  • CMM (coordinate measuring machine)

Gear Inspection Capabilities:

  • Double Flank composite gear checking – evaluates total composite error and tooth-to-tooth error, and tests pitch radius to determine the quality and accuracy of gear geometry.
  • Analytical gear checking – provides data with regard to individual elements of the gear: run-out, lead variation, tooth-spacing and profile error. Often used for troubleshooting, this method is used to quickly pinpoint the source of any errors.