Swiss Screw Machine Services

gear design and manufacturing
gear design and manufacturing
gear design and manufacturing
plastic gear design and manufacturing

Swiss screw machine turning, advanced end-of-arm tooling (for “parting line-less” worm gear molding), thread rolling, CNC controlled swiss screw machines, Toshiba injection-molding machinery for unparalleled accuracy, micro-molding, ultra-sonic welding, and closed loop process control.

  • State of the art, CNC Swiss Screw Machines
  • High precision Steel pinion production – helical and spur
  • Gear-hobbing
  • Thread whirling for high precision lead screws and worms

In the world of plastic gears, there are many hybrid applications that require a combination of plastic and over-molded steel due to application requirements. At Performance Gear Systems we take a great deal of pride in producing all of our own steel/brass inserts for over-molding in-house. We also provide high precision motor pinions, gears, and worms for applications that demand a high precision drive gear for the purposes of noise reduction. We use state of the art precision CNC Swiss screw machines which allow us to eliminate the need for costly secondary operations which are typically required to produce the gear teeth. The part drops complete from our machines yielding a low-cost solution for demanding applications.

  • High precision Swiss CNC screw machines
  • Thread Whirling
  • High Volume
  • High precision motor pinions and worms

We also utilize the thread whirling process for the purpose of creating precision geometry specifically for producing high precision worms.