gear design and manufacturing
gear design and manufacturing
gear design and manufacturing
plastic gear design and manufacturing

Once your gear and system designs have been optimized, our extensive in-house prototype capabilities allow us to test your design quickly and efficiently, using the latest technologies for high-precision machined, molded and 3D-printed prototypes.  Prototyping helps identify any production feasibility or cost issues with your design, allowing for adjustments where necessary.

Capabilities Include:

  • 3D Prototyping via state of the art Stratasys printers. These deliver rapid and precise PolyJet and FDM prototyping across a wide variety of materials.
  • Five Axis Machine prototypes.
  • Precision machined and hobbed gear prototyping in a wide range of materials and configurations.
  • Injection molded prototyping via in-house production of aluminum and steel molds. Prototype molds typically produce 75-100k cycles and are available within five weeks; Pre-production molds capable of delivering 2 million cycles are also available.